COMAC Bike Project

We provide working bikes to asylum seekers, so that they have a way of getting around.  We also help them keep the bikes on the road and in good condition.

How it works

Our project is run entirely by volunteers.  We collect and store donated bikes. We also keep a stock of used bike bits (brakes, gears, wheels, tyres, as well as other bits and pieces), and some new parts too (Brake blocks, cables, and the like).

Most of the Asylum seekers are referred to us by ASSIST Sheffield.

Once referred to us, people get to choose their bike from the ones we have refurbished (Bikes collected by us, or that people have donated to us).

Once people have a bike, they are welcome to return to us in the future for help with any maintenance / repairs.  We encourage the people returning to us to work alongside our volunteers fixing the bikes.

We provide everyone with a lock, lights, high-vis jacket and (if they ask for one) a helmet.

We rely on periodic grants, as well as occasional donations to keep everything going.

Come along and help

We try to help as many asylum seekers as we can, but the current limiting factor on how many bikes we can provide, is the number of volunteers we can call on. If you would like to help out then visit our volunteering section and sign up. We can use volunteers with very basic bike mending skills, but obviously the more mechanical skills you have the more useful you will be to the project – expect your mechanicing skills to rapidly increase as you spend time working on the project.